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Tank Tops

Tank Tops



Tank Tops, produced by the “Balakkom” company under “EGO” trademark – are:

  • High-quality materials: cotton, spandex, modal and Tencel from reliable suppliers, which we are fully confident in.
  • High quality and strength of the seams of shirts from the range of the online store, are controlled by our own laboratory.
  • Exact compliance with the declared sizes is provided by the use of high-quality patterns and control of the all stages of production processes.
  • Availability of the all documents proving the compliance of the products to hygienic and other standards (we are ready to provide the necessary certificates upon request).

Tank Tops for men and women from the manufacturer: our product range

In our catalog you can find Tank Tops for women, based on the following parameters:

  • Color: solid-color variants of different colors and women’s Tank Tops with prints of any complexity (pictures, ornaments and so on).
  • Straps: there are options with wide or thin straps.
  • The length, shape, cut-out shape, and other parameters.

Men Tank Tops in the store catalog are also available in a wide range. Applying to us, you will be able to choose the appropriate color and other parameters.

Design of the offered products corresponds to the modern fashion trends.

Tank Tops wholesale and retail on favorable terms

Using services of “Balakkom” company, you will be able to purchase Tank Tops for men and women wholesale or retail. We are ready to organize the delivery of any value of consignment to different Ukraine regions. Buying jersey goods directly from the manufacturer, you get attractive prices and confidence in their quality. Contact us and order jersey goods.