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Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses



Spring mattresses in wholesale

Everyone is familiar with spring mattresses, but not everyone knows that there are two kinds of them. The traditional option is the mattress with depended springs. That means when there is pressing at one spot of the mattress, the nearby area of it also sags. But with modern technology cheap spring mattresses have layers which provide orthopedic effect – thermo-felt, coconut coir and others. So if you need to buy a cheap mattress, the best option would be to pay attention to products with the spring block Bonnel. But if you’re looking for a more expensive option with a perfect orthopedic effect, you need to buy a mattress with independent springs. It consists of a plurality of springs, separated from each other by special pockets. This design allows you to evenly spread the body pressure throughout the mattress, thereby achieving an orthopedic effect. Such type of products are produced at our factory using special synthetic fibers QuadroAir and Orgofom, which provide extra comfort while sleeping. Besides this our spring mattresses are equipped with Euro-frame – framework, which adds stiffness to the edges of the mattress, so it serves a longer period of time.

Drop-shipping of mattresses for online stores in Ukraine

All our products have certificates of quality and have passed numerous inspections of various authorities.

You can buy spring mattresses in wholesale from us, because our company is large manufacturer of home textile in Ukraine. You get a discount for bulk purchases, and will be able to implement high-quality products in your shop. All our products are guaranteed for 18 months, which is a significant advantage over other companies. If you want to start own online store without purchasing big stocks of goods, we could help you. In this case you could choose drop-shipping of spring mattresses. You need to add our product range to your website or other online trading platform. Put a certain margin on the value of our product, and after you take order from your client, we’ll send goods directly to him. So, you do not beat any monetary costs, but only looking for customers.

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