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Balakkom Company – one of Ukraine’s leading manufacturers of mattresses and home textiles. It has a rich professional experience, own production,  produce goods under its own brands.

The company is constantly expanding its range of products and markets, improve the quality and range of products, and moving forward.

Advantages of cooperation with Balakkom:

1. Reliability – proved with a huge experience in the production of mattresses, blankets, pillows, blankets and other home textiles under next brand names “TEP», «Restline», «DonSon», «EGO», «EcoBlanc», «Berico», « КОЛОРИТ “.

2. Professionalism. We continuously train our employees: technicians, managers and ordinary staff. This constant dynamic learning allows us to keep pace with the times, maintaining a high level of knowledge and skills of personnel. Staff skills are tested with yearly certification.

3. The speed, the maximum speed of execution of orders. Thanks to the experience and knowledge we were able to establish business processes so that everything works smoothly and orderly. We carry only the necessary operations, customers appreciate the time, and thus fulfill the necessary as soon as possible.

4. Loyalty – we are attentive to our customers, paying attention to after-sales service. We listen to the wishes of the clients’ requirements, and focus on long-term cooperation.

5. Individual work. “Templates” in the work is not always appropriate. We work individually with each customer, handle individually their needs and anticipate the development of relations.

6. Activity, a constant search. We are constantly moving, always looking for new ideas, always focus on new technologies.

7. Positive emotions. Our quality, efficiency, good price and attentiveness create positive emotions from work with us. Our staff also looks at the world with a smile and share good mood with their customers!

Who we are:

– We manufacture a unique collection of products under its own trade brands;
– Minded team, which is in the forefront of new market trends;
– Always open for cooperation and new proposals;
– We are ready to cooperate, we offer small and large wholesale in our arsenal is attractive exclusive offers;
– We are attentive to the interests of our partners and we are ready to contribute to their development.