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About company

Healthy sleep – is the basis of everything. The person who gets enough sleep, is more endurance, happy, successful. He gets tired less, he solves difficulties easier, it has a positive view of the world. MISSION of “Balakkom” company – to provide people with healthy sleep using high-quality products, thereby making them happier, more successful, healthier.

Balakkom” for many years holds the leading position in the market. The reasons for such success are:
1. The advanced production equipment manufactured in Europe;
2. Quality control of raw materials and at all stages;
3. Optimal selection of materials and components;
4. Certification of production for quality management system ISO 9001: 2000
5. Lean strategy in a continuous chain: raw material – production – sale;
6. Care about the environment.

All production processes are carefully thought out in order to optimize the path of movement of materials and products. Production waste is recycled and used. All materials are certified – they meet all necessary requirements. Product quality is checked at every stage of production. We already accumulated rich experience in manufacturing of high quality products in large volumes. Individual approach to the customer’s needs and high professionalism allow us to achieve new successes.

Thanks to the professional experience acquired over the years, the company “Balakkom” has good feel of market needs and adapt to them the range and price ranges of products. All components of production are checked whether their level of quality is appropriate, same we got monitoring of quality operations.

LLC “Balakkom” produces:

– Orthopedic mattresses;
– Mattress covers;
– Pillows and blankets;
– Linens;
– Quilts;
– Jerseys: T-shirts, sleeping pajamas, underwear.

Benefits of LLC Balakkom

Quality, production and assortment:

• Our products are unique;
• Production of high quality and manufactured by us;
• Liability: the provision and execution of guarantees, after-sales service;
• Careful control of production processes;
• High level of quality;
• Special Orders, the possibility of manufacturing non-standard products;
• We are constantly improving our processes and moving on;
• Our product range is the widest among the Ukrainian producers;
• We are known at the international level;
• Our brands are known;
• We do not offer extra and unnecessary products and services;

Service and customer care:

• We care about our customers and appreciate them;
• Various payment options from which you can choose the most convenient for you;
• Purchased Products will deliver to any point of Ukraine;
• Partnership program;
• The discounts system  convenient for all customers;
• Attention to the client and his wishes;
• To be loyal customer is  profitable because of the discount program;
• Simple return;
• You can choose your preferred shipping method;
• Day and night hours ordering online;
• Issue and make a purchase is very simple;
• Processes are specifically designed to save the customer’s time;
• Sophisticated and high-quality service;
• Simple and convenient method of communication;
• Orders are processed very fast;

Advantages of manufacturer:

• The warranty from the manufacturer;
• Wide product range;
• Optimal price-performance ratio:
• Flexible pricing policy;
• Own network of shops «Azbuka Sna», “Donson”;
• Delivery of products in time;
• The certification of all  products;
• Compliance with the terms and conditions and the specifications of ISO 9001: 2000.

Our managers:

• Will answer to all your questions;
• Assist with goods selection;
• Organize the delivery;
• Consult with range selection.

All information in this product range has been certified as the materials from which it is made.

Our customers like reasonable price and high quality which we provide.